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To perform a text search type the relevant term in the "Full Text" field and press "Submit". The search engine will suggest variations on the term entered via a drop-down menu. Any of these suggestions may be selected using the cursor keys or the mouse. A range of operators can be included to perform more complicated searches as follows:

Boolean operators (AND, OR, NEAR):
All Boolean operators should be entered in capital letters separated from the relevant terms by a space.
AND: The user can search for multiple terms in the same document.
OR: The user can search for various terms (all or a subset) in the same document.
NEAR: The user can search for closely related terms in the same document.

Wildcard operators:
All wildcard operators should be entered using the standard keyboard symbols.
*XXX*: The user can truncate a text string by inclusion of an asterisk such that the search engine will find variations including the entered characters.
"XXX XXX": The user may use quotation marks to combine search terms separated by a space into a single phrase.

Metadata operators:
These operators (case sensitive) followed by a colon and the search term (no space before or after the colon) can be used:

section: search by Science of Synthesis section number.
volume: search by Science of Synthesis volume number.
page: search by Science of Synthesis page number.
author: search by Science of Synthesis contributing author.
year: search by publication year of Science of Synthesis volume
title: search by Science of Synthesis section heading.

ref-author: search by author in the cited references.
ref-year: search by publication year in the cited references.
journal: search for a publication title in the cited references.

cas-rn: search by CAS registry number.
doi: search by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
namereaction: search by specific name reaction.

Combined Text and Structure Searches:
Text searches are combined with structure searches using the "AND" Boolean operator. For more information on structure searching please consult the Quick Start Guide available on the Home tab or through the Help link in the page header.